WE ARE a software development company with a reputation for delivering simple, effective and scalable solutions to improve lives.

Our focus is value driven solutions that create customer satisfaction and drive employees towards innovation.

We strongly believe in making technology accessible and base our implementation success factors largely on the change management principle of adoption.  It’s important for us to take our clients on the journey, helping them realise how their organisation, processes and people transform along the way and in the process transferring knowledge about the solutions we built. This is how we help our client realise the real RETURN ON TECH!

We build solutions that make sense to people and simplifies and improves their world.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision &

To grow talent and build robust, relevant and reliable solutions for our clients.

We seek to place people at the centre of technology that we build. We aim to do this by ensuring that all our solutions are geared towards addressing a business/social need or opportunity, positive user everience and simple secure access.

Why connect with us

Take your business to the next level! Connect with us if you’re looking for
technology systems to help you with the following.

  • Streamline business for efficiency
  • Built-in compliance
  • Lower the cost of operations for competitive advantage
  • Management information to make data-based strategic and operational decisions
  • Track Slas
  • Drive connectedness with employees and customer/members
  • Track and manage customer satisfaction
  • Tailor made /bespoke solutions
  • A long term relationship with us to support your business IT needs

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Our Clients

We service 89 clients, we’re working on 7 projects and over 500000 people benefit from our solutions.

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We are a proudly Level 1 empowerment contributor company
in terms of the Financial Sector Code. We are QSE Level 1 Female owned company.